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We teach business owners and cannabis accountants how to master cannabis accounting, IRC 280e, and financial management.

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It's hard to operate a profitable and compliant cannabis business.

Operating in the Cannabis Industry is like no other industry. It requires strong organization, solid accounting, and a firm grasp of cannabis compliance. Hundreds of businesses go out of business each year because they don’t have solid accounting or compliance practices.

Cannabis is Highly Regulated

Cannabis is one of the most regulated industries in the United States, and the annual cost of compliance to operate a cannabis business is estimated to be $200,000. Unfortunately, many cannabis businesses don’t understand how to implement the compliance measures effectively in their business and lose money and time to fix their non-compliance.

Cannabis Businesses Pay High Taxes

Cannabis businesses pay more taxes than other businesses. This includes a high federal tax and local and state cannabis taxes. Many accountants are unaware of the tax complexities and are not advising cannabis businesses correctly.

The cost of improper accounting can shut down a business

Cannabis accounting is different and nuanced. The cost of not knowing the state and federal taxes, cannabis compliance, and best practices in handling an all-cash business could lead to fines, penalties, and cash flow issues down the road.

Cannabis Taxes are a PRIORITY

If you don't understand the cannabis tax requirements you can face fines and penalities from the local and federal government and even lose your cannabis license.

Proper Accounting is a MUST

Without a clear understanding of the basics of cannabis accounting, you won't have a complete financial picture of the cannabis business financial operations and face issues with your cash flow.

Organization and Compliance are MANDATORY

Without proper organizational structure and internal cannabis compliance, a cannabis business can face fines, penalities, and poor operational management.

Approach cannabis accounting with more confidence, insight, and support

Get the tools to level up your cannabis expertise and confidently get up to speed on the nuances of working in cannabis and how to navigate cannabis accounting, regulation, and compliance.

Master Cannabis Taxes

Take the guesswork out of cannabis accounting, 280E, and cannabis compliance. Get a deep overview of cannabis taxes and best practices to minimize the tax burden so you can thrive in the cannabis industry.

Build your Expertise in Cannabis Compliance

Get the Best Practices in Seed to Sale Tracking, Inventory Management, and Books and Records Provisions, Best Practices in Cash Management.

Refresh on the Cannabis Accounting Fundamentals

Learn about cost accounting, inventory management, and best practices to calculate the cost of goods sold.  You’ll also learn about working in an all-cash environment and best practices in safeguarding cash and inventory!