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The biggest myth in cannabis

It’s time to address the tie-dyed elephant in the room... “Wow! You work in the weed business? You must be killing it!” If you have ever said that, or thought that, you too, have fallen prey to the misconception. News coverage and reality TV shows make the cannabis industry appear as either the...


Getting Started in the Cannabis Industry

There are several ways to become a cannabis entrepreneur or work with a cannabis business. Here are 5 important things to consider before making the jump! 1. Understand where you can do legal business Cannabis is regulated by the states and still remains federally illegal. As of September 2019,...


Successful Cannabis Businesses do these 5 things

Starting up is hard. Starting up a successful business in the cannabis industry is even more challenging because of a highly competitive marketplace, high barriers to entry, constantly changing regulation, restrictions to banking and access to capital, and punitive taxes and regulation. 80% of...


Building a Global Cannabis Brand? Here’s One Law You Need to Know

Many US brands are already working in the international cannabis market, through licensing their product/service to other countries. But beyond the glory of carrying an international brand, there are certain risks of taking your cannabis brand global. Barriers to entry are tough in a foreign...