Cannabis businesses and consumers are producing a lot of environmental waste and much of it is plastic. With strict packaging regulation and an industry that is expected to be $30 billion by 2025 in the U.S. alone, this is an issue that must be addressed. On this episode, we hear from a family run cannabis business that is making a positive impact on our environment and has the mission of smoking our oceans clean.

Compliant packaging is one of the most costly areas for cannabis businesses. After investing thousands of dollars in lawyers and consultants to ensure cannabis packaging meets the requirements, cannabis businesses tend to focus on finding an affordable packaging solution to increase their margins. Most of this packaging is not sustainable nor environmentally friendly. Currently, states haven't introduced progressive legislation or incentives for cannabis businesses to use recycled or environmentally friendly plastic.

Our plastic consumption, whether water bottles or joint capsules is something that we must address. If nothing is done by 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish. In fact, there is more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way, killing more than one million seabirds and marine animals every year. Each year, over 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans, and it is estimated that over five trillion pieces of plastic trash litter the oceans.

The scariest part, 95% of plastic is used only one time and then discarded. This is the case for cannabis businesses.

Enter, Ocean Cannabis.

The mission of Ocean Cannabis is to support the cleanup of the world’s oceans and rid them of plastic. The brand’s child-resistant plastic tubes are made from 100% plastic that has been reclaimed and recycled from the ocean, each product representing the equivalent of 15 straws from the ocean. All product packaging - boxes, polymers and cardboard - is made from recycled goods. Ocean Cannabis Company aims to accelerate the removal of ocean plastic with the long-term goal of a plastic-free ocean. #Smoketheoceanclean.

Ocean Cannabis Company was founded by Patrick and Mary Ersig, Southern California cannabis enthusiasts who left their careers in nonprofit in 2013 and began their own boutique medical cannabis business. Their love for the Southern California beach lifestyle led them to create Ocean Cannabis Company, a provider of high quality cannabis products that uses recycled ocean plastic in its packaging.

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