Cannabis Compliance and Regulation

Cannabis Legalization by State and Resources

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Since Colorado and Washington’s groundbreaking legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012, more than 50% of the states in the US have legalized cannabis in some sort. Here is an updated map for 2021.

Below are some resources to help you navigate cannabis regulation in the different states where cannabis is legal.

State Cannabis Info  

Here are a few links:

As cannabis is regulated by the states, you will find that the state regulation is not consistent. You will notice that the name cannabis isn’t even consistent through the regulation, let alone the standards in each state.

When you can master the framework of knowing the cannabis ecosystem, you’ll be able to quickly navigate through your business. and the state regulation is not consistent. 

Check out the Cannabis Finance Bootcamp if you are thinking about operating in the cannabis industry. There is an entire section that is dedicated to understanding cannabis regulation and mastering it!